JetPack JoyRide : Tips and Tricks to master the Gameplay

Jetpack Joyride

Have you ever played Metal Slug when you were younger? Well, this game would bring those memories back as there would be some shooting and missiles involved as well. Although on a different concept, the feel of it is pretty much the same. A fantastic futuristic game that spills the thrill all around!

The game revolves on a guy named Barry Steakfries. He is a salesman working for Gramco, which is a company that sells gramophones. The company’s sales have been dropping as the years pass, as a matter of fact, since 1911. Desperate to earn a few bucks, Barry wanders out on the open in hopes of finding a costumer. As the times pass, he gets stressed, slowly loses hope and in accordance to that, looks weary and filthy. But as he walks along the streets, he stumbles into one company’s doorsteps. The company was Legitimate Research, Inc. and was newly finished with their latest project which was a revolutionary jetpack. As soon as Barry saw that magnificent machine through the glass window, his dreams of having one since he was little flashed back. There he was so tempted that he stole it from the company. Those scientists from that company were in a mission to stop him with their different other inventions.

The game was created by Halfbrick Studios and was first released in Beta as a Facebook App last May 2012. What’s best about that is that it could be played for free. Recently, the game was made available for all of the Apple iOS devices which are the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch last September 1, 2011 as well as for all of the Android devices out there last August 19, 2012.

One feature that has given the game a huge success is the simplicity in controlling which is through merely adjusting the acceleration of the jetpack. The player would gradually gain points as he plays along because Barry will be traveling uncontrollably. Now, Barry wouldn’t get out of the Lab that easily because the scientists are hungry to get the newly produced machine of theirs from him of course. You will have guide Barry in numerous ups and downs in the game.

Your Main concern
Electrifying Obstacles
Those scientists are very persistent as they have set up numerous electrocuting zappers scattered around the area wherein some of which are even revolving, making it a lot harder for Barry. The further you escape, the more zappers appear. What’s frustrating is when those zappers appear close to each other, giving you a slim chance to escape. If you fly on the wrong path, then you’re toast!

Speedy Missiles
You have to be careful as these bastards are deadly. Although a warning would pop out on the location of where the missile would launch, you’ll have to dodge it within a second as they appear fast. You will get in trouble at times especially when a missile is to appear and when your only option is to flee but at a very close distance to an electric zapper. So what you have to put it mind is to not panic.

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Laser Beams
You probably know already how lethal lasers are. Although in today’s times, lasers are also used in surgery and in other treatments, if sent in very high amounts would turn it the other way around, just like what you see in the modern way of creating the body of a car or to form other delicate forms of metal in the factory. Lasers in the game do not just appear one by one but they can come in numbers. They can even fill up your screen in some point of the game, especially when you’ve travelled far from the start already. They can be evaded as there would be an indication before they fire. Those laser guns would glow for a second giving you the chance to move out of the way. Do not move closely after it fires because it has a remaining release of energy and needs to cool down for a second more for it to totally be safe.

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